Director's Review of

Fermilab's Integrated LAR/TPC R&D Plan


November 23, 2009

Snake Pit (WH2NE)  ESNet Ad Hoc Bridge, 88LAR (88527)









Committee Membership

      Harry Weerts, ANL (Chair)

      Bob Kephart, Fermilab

      Tom Peterson, Fermilab

      Andre Rubbia, ETH Zurich (by video)

      Bob Svoboda, UC/Davis




R&D on Readout for Very Large Liquid Argon TPCs


Integrated Plan for LArTPC Neutrino Detectors in the US

            Documents referred to on p. 14:

DUSEL Cryogenic System Equipment Requirements and System Design Variation Discussions


A LAr TPC Detector Simplified Cryogenic System for a 5 k Ton Technical Demonstrator Program Leading to a Combined 100 Kiloton Fiducial Volume DUSEL Facility at the Homestake Mine



Director’s Review of Liquid Argon TPC R&D Towards a ~ 100 KT Detector (June 3, 2008)