March 20, 2007

Physics Advisory Committee

March 29-31, 2007


Draft Charge




At this meeting, we will be focused on the longer term program of the Laboratory.  However, we will receive progress reports on the neutrino, collider, and astrophysics programs as well.



Longer Term Program


In executive session, the PAC will hear presentations on Laboratory efforts to examine options for its longer term program under a number of ILC-schedule scenarios.  These will include status and plans for a Strategy Group involving Laboratory and wider-community participation.  Other strategic planning issues will be discussed also.  An extended discussion of issues within the PAC should prove useful.



Neutrino Physics Program


The PAC will hear about the work of the US Long Baseline Study Group, as well as from MiniBooNE, NOvA, and MINERvA.  While the neutrino oscillation results from MiniBooNE-E898 are not expected to be available in time for the PAC meeting, MiniBooNE will report on the running of the antineutrino experiment E944 and about the E898 analysis progress and plans. The two larger neutrino experiment construction projects, NOvA and MINERvA, will report on their progress and next steps at obtaining full approval.  Please comment on these elements of Fermilab's neutrino program.



Physics Program at Colliders


The Tevatron Collider has been setting records for peak and integrated luminosity, based on record antiproton stacking rates as well.  The experiments have continued to use the luminosity delivered, and look for even higher rates into the future.  The FY07 integrated luminosity has already surpassed that for all of FY06.


The experiments have been asked to present a review of the status of their physics analyses from this data, and their prospects for the future - both in terms of physics reach and their efforts to optimize their use of the data.  Please comment on these efforts.


The CMS experiment is completing construction of the detector and computing components, and approaching the advent of data at a new, higher energy frontier.  While there is some uncertainty about the exact timing and amount of first data, preparations are being made to assure rapid availability of physics results.  We have asked that the full range of efforts be presented.  Please comment on these efforts.

Particle Astrophysics Program


The PAC will hear reports on two of our astrophysics projects: the SuperCDMS 25 kg Experiment and the DES/DECam Experiment.


CDMS has made progress on defining its program with the agencies and we need to keep the PAC current on our commitment to the experiment. Please comment on our direction.


DES submitted their proposal to both DOE and NSF as requested. They will provide a progress report on the project. Please comment on this project.


In addition, an overview of Particle Astrophysics at Fermilab will be presented by the Acting Director of the Center for Particle Astrophysics (CPA).  Please comment on the program, its scope and its direction.