Physics Advisory Committee


Friday, August 27, 2010


Draft AGENDA for Open Presentations


Hornets' Nest (8XO)



Overflow rooms:    Black Hole (WH2NW)

                               Racetrack (WH7XO)

                               CDF Theatre

                               DZero Dog House


  9:00 – 10:45     CDF and DZero Presentations and Discussion


Progress of the Tevatron Experiments Since June Meeting                             Rob Roser

DZero Detector Radiation Aging and Collaboration

      Manpower Through 2014                                                     Stefan Soldner-Rembold

CDF Detector Radiation Aging and Collaboration

      Manpower Through 2014                                                                   Giovanni Punzi

Answers on PAC Questions About Higgs Sensitivity

      and Mass Resolution                                                                          Dmitri Denisov



10:45 – 10:55     LHC Higgs Reach                                                                                          Dan Green



10:55 – 11:15     Break


11:15 – 11:35     Capabilities and Costs of Optimizing Beam                                                   Ron Moore



11:35 – 11:55     Impact on NOvA                                                                                      Gary Feldman



11:55 – 12:15     Impact on MINERvA, g-2, mu2e, LBNE, Project X, etc.                               Jeff Appel



CDF/DZero presentations at June 2010 PAC meeting

Tevatron physics prospects, if run thru 2011 or            Giovanni Punzi / Stefan Soldner-Rembold

    with Collider run for ~ 3 years beyond 2011                                                                             

CDF detector capability, analysis plans, & institutions’ commitments                          Rob Roser

D0 detector capability, analysis plans, & institutions’ commitments                      Dmitri Denisov