Physics experimenters at Fermilab have the best opportunities on earth for research at the frontiers of high-energy physics. The Fermilab scientific program is addressing all of the central questions of our time with experiments that are the best, or among the best, in the world. Just as we are dedicated to doing the best science, we are also committed to doing the safest science.

Science and safety are not at odds. The highest standards for building and operating a science laboratory mean building and operating it safely. Our challenge is to take the same intelligence and energy and spirit that we apply to physics experiments at Fermilab and use it to integrate safety into everything we do.

As Fermilabís director, I have no greater responsibility than the safety of all those who work at Fermilabñemployees, contractor and users. Every Fermilab user needs to understand clearly that there is no project so important, no schedule so critical, and no task so vital that it is worth risking anyoneís safety to accomplish. Perhaps more than any other field, high-energy physics depends on collaboration. We owe it to each other, and we depend upon each other, to make Fermilab a safe place to work together.