The Fermilab Central Computing Facility, located in the Feynman Computing Center, comprises UNIX clusters for batch and interactive computing (FNALU), UNIX and PC farms, hierarchical mass storage systems, dedicated clusters for specific experiments, central mail (FNAL) and print servers, the ACPMAPS Lattice Gauge supercomputer, and media translation equipment such as tape copy facilities. The central UNIX systems are made up of hardware from several popular vendors. The farms run the UNIX operating system and are primarily used for long production analysis tasks, for example track reconstruction. All systems communicate with the Internet for both internal and external data transfers.

Experiment systems typically consist of a UNIX host, with one or more UNIX and PC workstations, called workgroup clusters.

Data acquisition systems supported by the Computing Division include a UNIX/VME based high rate data acquisition system (DART) used by a wide variety of fixed target experiments. Data Acquisition interfaces from these systems are supported to CAMAC, FASTBUS and VME.

The Computing Division also provides planning, systems, application software and consulting support for workgroup computing. The division provides support and trouble shooting for Fermilab-purchased computers and promulgates standards for computer configuration, computer backplane configuration, and I/O devices for PC and UNIX computers and x-terminals.

The division provides electronics and data acquisition interface support for a variety of modules in NIM, CAMAC, FASTBUS and VME, as well as test software and hardware for such modules.