How to Propose an Experiment at Fermilab

Prepare a cover page.

  • Title of proposal

  • Names and institutions of designated scientific spokesperson and deputy spokesperson

  • Telephone number and e-mail address of spokesperson(s)

  • Date of submission

  • List of proponents and institutions

    Write a one-page summary.

  • Major physics objectives

  • Experimental techniques

    Prepare the text.

  • Objectives of the experiment and physics justification

  • Description of reactions to be studied, measurements to be made and the analysis that will yield the physics results of interest

  • Description of experimental apparatus, including data acquisition system

  • The capabilities of detector elements and sensitivity of final results to claimed capabilities

  • Floor plan of proposed experiment setup

  • Estimate of time needed separately for each of setup, testing and data-taking

  • Required beam conditions, including intensity/luminosity, running time, special requirements, etc.

  • Estimate of off-line computing needs

  • Cost estimate of major detector components

  • Estimated requirements for laboratory facilities and manpower for the construction, installation, operation and removal of the apparatus

  • Description of hazardous or toxic materials to be used, if any

    Submit an electronic version and 10 copies of the proposal to:

    Program Planning Office

    Fermilab, M.S. 105

    P.O. Box 500

    Batavia, Illinois 60510

    For inclusion of a proposal on the Fermilab Publications file server, see