ll Experimentersí Meeting. Weekly discussion of experiments in progress, with emphasis on current status, objectives and needs.

Theoretical Physics Seminars. Weekly reports on formal and phenomenological theory by staff members and visitors.

Physics Colloquium. Weekly presentation of important results in particle physics and other fields of general interest. Generally presented by an outside speaker talking about a completed research project.

Beams Division Seminar. Twice-weekly talks on accelerator physics and technology at Fermilab and elsewhere.

Joint Experimental-Theoretical Seminar. Informal weekly seminar on research in progress.

Computing Techniques Seminar. Informal seminars on computing topics.

Research Techniques Seminar. Internal seminars on beamline design and experiment detector R&D. Held irregularlyówatch the notice boards.

Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar. Weekly seminars on current topics.

CDF-DZero Lunch Seminars.