n Serve as main contact for the laboratory in all matters related to a proposal or experiment.

n Respond to questions and concerns during evaluation of a proposal for an experiment.

n Prepare a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in consultation with the host division, and supervise preparations for an accepted experiment.

n Maintain a current list of experimenters in the group present at the laboratory.

n Agree with the appropriate division head(s) upon the required level of staffing of the experiment during beam operation.

n Ensure that all members of the group have medical insurance valid while at Fermilab.

n Arrange and be responsible for on-site housing used by the group.

n Ensure that all members of the group have registered, have valid ID cards and appropriate stockroom withdrawal authorization.

n Make financial arrangements for the experiment.

n Ensure that all members of an experiment understand and comply with Fermilab ES&H regulations. If any violation of the rules occurs, the spokesperson has the responsibility to take corrective action and prevent recurrence.

n Inform experimenters about specific hazards of the experiment and the training they require. Make sure that every member receives timely and appropriate ES&H training.

n Arrange for work space for the group.

n Establish computer accounts for the experiment and regularly review the experimentís computing needs.

n Obtain an Operational Readiness Clearance (ORC) or Readiness Permit before operating all, or any part of, the experimentís apparatus.

n Identify the deputy spokesperson, the physicist-in-charge, or other scientific leadership for the experiment.

n Report any change in membership of the collaboration in writing to the Program Planning Office.

n Submit copies of publications and Ph.D. theses.