Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory conducts scientific research with regard for the protection of the community and the environment. We believe that high standards of environmental practice are fully compatible with our search for an understanding of the fundamental properties of nature, and we are committed to the incorporation of environmental protection practices in the daily conduct of experimental physics.

To advance the goals of restoring and enhancing environmental quality, Fermilabís policy is to

Educate experimenters and employees at all levels to protect the environment by preventing pollution, minimizing waste and by the consistent choice of the least toxic means to achieve experimental goals.

Encourage initiatives in establishing sound pollution prevention and waste reduction practices.

Take measures to minimize contaminants and wastes through source reduction and recycling.

Evaluate the environmental impact of actions and take all necessary measures to mitigate their effects.

Strengthen self-assessment programs and act swiftly to correct deficiencies.

Fermilab makes its land resources available to qualified investigators to conduct ecological research. These environmental research projects advance our understanding of the dynamic relationship between nature and human activities.

Fermilabís policy of careful land management and stewardship serves as an example of how high-energy physics and a healthy environment can co-exist.