G.1 - DOE Contracting Officer


For the definition of Contracting Officer see Part II, Section I, Clause I.1 - DEAR 952.202-1 - Definitions (MAR 2001); modified by DEAR 902.200 (DEC 2000), of this contract.  The Contracting Officer is the only individual who has the authority on behalf of DOE to take the following actions under the contract:


(1)         assign additional work within the general scope of the Statement of Work of the contract;


(2)         issue a change as defined in the “Changes” clause of the contract;


(3)         change any of the expressed terms, conditions or specifications of the contract; 


(4)         accept non-conforming work; or


(5)         waive any requirement of this contract.



G.2 - Contract Administration


The contract will be administered by:


U.S. Department of Energy

Fermi Area Office

P.O. Box 2000

Batavia, Illinois  60510


Written communications shall make reference to the contract number and shall be mailed to the above address except for correspondence regarding patent or intellectual property related matters which should be addressed to:


U.S. Department of Energy

Office of Chief Counsel - Intellectual Property

9800 South Cass Ave.

Argonne, Illinois  60439


Information copies of patent related correspondence should be sent to the Contracting Officer.