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Security, Privacy, Legal

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory








Part I


Section B. – Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs

B.1      Service Being Acquired

B.2      Obligation of Funds AND Financial Limitations

B.3      Performance Fees


Section C. – Description/SPECS./Work Statement

C.1      Statement of Work

C.2      Plans and Reports


Section D. – Packaging and Marking

D.1      Packaging

D.2      Marking


Section E. – Inspection and Acceptance

E.1      FAR 52.246-9 – Inspection of Research and Development

            (short Form) (APR 1984)


Section F. – Deliveries or Performance

F.1      Period of Performance

F.2      FAR 52.242-15 – Stop Work Order (Aug 1989) –

Alternate I (APR 1984)

F.3      Principle Place of Performance


Section G. – Contract Administration Data

G.1      DOE Contracting Officer

G.2      Contract Administration


Section H. – Special Contract Requirements

H.1      Laboratory Facilities

H.2      Long-Range Planning, Program Development

    and Budgetary Administration

H.3      Dear 970.70 - Agreements to Perform Non DOE Activities

H.4      Advance Understandings Regarding

                            Additional Items of Allowable and Unallowable Costs 

H.5      Effective Dates For Far 31.205-47 - “Cost Related to Legal

    and Other Proceedings"


H.7      Privacy Act Records

H.8      Inter-Contractor Purchases

H.9      Dear 970.2210 - Service Contract Act Of 1965

(41 USC 351)

H.10    Dear 970.2206 - Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act

H.11    Reserved

H.12    Contractor Corporate Office Expenses

H.13    Performance Measure Review

H.14    Use of Objective Standards of Performance, Self

    Assessment and Performance Evaluation

H.15    Cap On Liability

H.16    Reserved

H.17    Notice Regarding the Purchase Of American-Made

    Equipment  and Products - Sense Of Congress

H.18    Lobbying Restriction (Energy and Water Development

    Appropriations Act, 2002)

            H.19    Reserved

H.20    Travel Restrictions  (Alternate I) (Apr 2000)

H.21    Consultation Regarding Personnel Changes

            H.22    Records Not Acquired or Generated Under this Contract



Table of Contents


Part II


Section I – Contract Clauses


Clause           FAR/DEAR              Title of Clause

   No.               Reference                


I.1                    FAR 52.202-1           Definitions (MAR 2001); Modified by

                                                            DEAR 902.000 (DEC 2000)

I.2                    FAR 52.203-3           Gratuities (APR 1984)

I.3                    FAR 52.203-5           Covenant Against Contingent Fees

                                                            (APR 1984)

I.4                    FAR 52.203-6           Restrictions on Subcontractor Sales to  the Government (JUL 1995)

I.5                    FAR 52.203-7           Anti-Kickback Procedures (JUL 1995)

I.6                    FAR 52.203-8           Cancellation Rescission, and Recovery of Funds for Illegal or Improper Activity

                                                            (JAN 1997)

I.7                    FAR 52.203-10         Price or Fee Adjustment for Illegal or Improper Activity (JAN 1997)

I.8                    FAR 52.203.12         Limitation on Payments to Influence Certain Federal Transactions (JUN 1997)


Clause           FAR/DEAR              Title of Clause

   No.               Reference                


I.9                    FAR 52.204-4           Printed or Copied Double-Sided on Recycled

                                                            Paper (AUG 2000)

I.10                  FAR 52.509-6           Protecting the Government's Interest when Subcontracting with Contractors Debarred, Suspended, or Proposed for Debarment

                                                            (JUL 1995)

I.11                  FAR 52.211-5           Material Requirements (AUG 2000)

I.12                  FAR 52.215-8           Order of Precedence – Uniform Contract Format (OCT 1997)

I.13                  FAR 52.215-12         Subcontractor Cost or Pricing Data

                                                            (OCT 1997)

I.14                  FAR 52.215-13         Subcontractor Cost or Pricing Data-Modifications (OCT 1997)

I.15                  FAR-52.219-8           Utilization of Small Business

                                                            Concerns (OCT 2000)

I.16                  FAR 52.219-9           Small Business Subcontracting

                                                            Plan (OCT 2000)

I.17                  FAR 52.219-16         Liquidated Damages – Subcontracting

                                                            Plan (JAN 1999)

I.19                  FAR 52.222-1           Notice to the Government of Labor

                                                            Disputes (FEB 1997)

I.20                  FAR 52.222-3           Convict Labor (AUG 1996)

I.21                  FAR 52.222-4           Contract Work Hours and Safety

                                                            Standards Act – Overtime Compensation

                                                            (SEPT 2000)

I.22                  FAR 52.222-11         Subcontracts (Labor Standards)

                                                            (FEB 1988) (Deviation)

I.22A               FAR 52.222-19         Child Labor – Cooperation with

                                                            Authorities and Remedies (FEB 2001)

I.23                  FAR 52.222-21         Prohibition of Segregated Facilities

                                                            (FEB 1999)

I.24                  FAR 52.222-26         Equal Opportunity (FEB 1999)

I.25                  FAR 52.222-29         Notification of Visa Denial (FEB 1999)

I.26                  FAR 52.222-35         Affirmative Action for Disabled

                                                            Veterans and Veterans of the

                                                            Vietnam Era (APR 1998)

I.27                  FAR 52.222-36         Affirmative Action for Workers

                                                            With Disabilities (JUN 1998)

I.28                  FAR 52.222-37         Employment Reports on Disabled

                                                            Veterans and Veterans of the

                                                            Vietnam Era (JAN 1999)


Clause           FAR/DEAR              Title of Clause

   No.               Reference                


I.29                  FAR 52.223-5           Pollution Prevention and Right-to-Know

                                                            Information (APR)1996)

I.30                  FAR 52.223-12         Refrigeration Equipment and Air

                                                            Conditioners (MAY 1995)

I.31                  FAR 52.224-1           Privacy Act Notification (APR 1984)

I.32                  FAR 52.224-2           Privacy Act (APR 1984)

I.33                  FAR 52.225-1           Buy American Act – Balance of

                                                            Payments Program – Supplies (FEB 2000)

I.34                  FAR 52.225-11         Buy American Act – Balance of Payments

                                                            Program – Construction Materials Under

                                                            Trade Agreements (FEB 2000)

I.35                  FAR 52.225-13         Restrictions on Certain Foreign

                                                            Purchases (JUL 2000)

I.36                                                      Reserved

I.37                  FAR 52.229-8           Taxes – Foreign Cost-Reimbursement

                                                            Contracts (MAR 1990)

I.38                  FAR 52.230-2           Cost Accounting Standards (APR 1998)

I.39                  FAR 52.230-6           Administration of Cost Accounting

                                                            Standards (NOV 1999)

I.40                  FAR 52-232-17         Interest (JUN 1996)

I.41                  FAR 52.232-18         Availability of Funds (APR 1984)

I.42                  FAR 52.232-24         Prohibition of Assignment of Claims

                                                            (JAN 1986)

I.43                  FAR 52.233-1           Disputes (DEC 1998) (ALTERNATE I)

                                                            (DEC 1991)

I.44                  FAR 52.233-3           Protest After Award (AUG 1996)

                                                            (ALTERNATE I) (JUNE 1985)

I.45                  FAR 52.236-8           Other Contracts (APR 1984)

I.46                  FAR 52.237-3           Continuity of Service (JAN 1991)

I.47                  FAR 52.242-1           Notice of Intent to Disallow Costs (APR 1984)

I.48                  FAR 52.242-13         Bankruptcy (JUL 1995)

I.49                  FAR 52.244-5           Competition in Subcontracting (DEC 1996)

I.50                  FAR 52.244-6           Subcontractors for Commercial

                                                            Items (MAR 2001)

I.51                  FAR 52.247-1           Commercial Bill of Lading Notations

                                                            (APR 1984)

I.52                  FAR 52.247-63         Preference for U.S. Flag Air Carriers

                                                            (JAN 1997)

I.53                  FAR 52.247-64         Preference for Privately-Owned U.S.-Flag

                                                            Commercial Vessels (JUN 2000)


Clause           FAR/DEAR              Title of Clause

   No.               Reference                


I.54                  FAR 52.247-67         Submission of Commercial Transportation

                                                            Bills to The General Services Administration

                                                            For Audit (JUN 1997)

I.55                  FAR 52.249-6           Termination (Cost-Reimbursement)

                                                            (SEP 1996); Modified by Dear 970.4950-1

                                                            (DEC 2000)

I.56                  FAR 52.249-14         Excusable Delays (APR 1984)

I.57                  FAR 52.251-1           Government Supply Sources

                                                            (APR 1984) (Deviation)

I.58                  FAR 52.251-2           Interagency Fleet Management System

                                                            Vehicles and Related Services (JAN 1991)

I.59                  FAR 52.252-6           Authorized Deviations in Clauses (APR 1984)

I.60                  FAR 52.253-1           Computer Generated Forms (JAN 1991)

I.61                  DEAR 952.203.70    Whistleblower Protection for Contractor

                                                            Employees (DEC 2000)

I.62                  DEAR 952.204-71    Sensitive Foreign Nation Controls (APR 1994)

I.63                  DEAR 952.204-72    Disclosure of Information (APR 1994)

I.64                  DEAR 952.204-75    Public Affairs (DEC 2000)

I.65                  DEAR 952.208-7      Tagging of Leased Vehicles (APR 1994)

I.66                  DEAR 952.209-72    Organizational Conflicts of Interest

                                                            (JUN 1997) (Alternate I) (JUN 1997)

I.67                  DEAR 952.211-71    Priorities and Allocations (Domestic Energy Supplies) (Alternate I) (JUN 1996)

I.68                  DEAR 952.211-71    Priorities and Allocations (Atomic Energy)

                                                            (JUN 1996)

I.69                  DEAR 952.215-70    Key Personnel (DEC 2000)

I.70                  DEAR 952.217-70    Acquisition of Real Property (APR 1984)

I.71                  DEAR 952.223-75    Preservation of Individual Occupational

                                                            Radiation Exposure Records (APR 1984)

I.72                  DEAR 952.224-70    Paperwork Reduction Act (APR 1994)

I.73                  DEAR 952.226-74    Displaces Employee Hiring

                                                            Preference (JUN 1997)

I.74                  DEAR 952.250-70    Nuclear Hazards Indeminity Agreement

                                                            (JUN 1996)

I.75                  DEAR 952.251-70    Contractor Employee Travel

                                                            Discounts (DEC 2000)

I.76                  DEAR 970.5203-1    Management Controls (DEC 2000)

I.77                  DEAR 970.5203-2    Performance Improvement and

                                                            Collaboration (DEC 2000)

I.78                  DEAR 970.5203-3    Contractor's Organization (DEC 2000)



Clause           FAR/DEAR              Title of Clause

   No.               Reference                


I.79                  DEAR 970.5204-2    Laws, Regulations, and DOE Directives

                                                            (DEC 2000) (Deviation)

I.80                  DEAR 970.5204-3    Access to and Ownership of

                                                            Records (DEC 2000)

I.81                  DEAR 970.5208-1    Printing (DEC 2000)

I.81A               DEAR 970.5215-1    Total Available Fee: Base Fee

                                                            Amount and Performance Fee Amount

                                                            (DEC 2000) (ALTERNATES II and III)

                                                            (DEC 2000)

I.82                  DEAR 970.5215-2    Make-Or-Buy Plan (DEC 2000)

I.83                  DEAR 970,5215-3    Conditional Payment of Fee, Profit,

                                                            Or Incentives (DEC 2000) (ALTERNATE I)

                                                            (DEC 2000)

I.84                  DEAR 970.5222-1    Collective Bargaining Agreements-Management and Operating Contracts

                                                            (DEC 2000)

I.85                  DEAR 970.5222-2    Overtime Management (DEC 2000)

I.86                  DEAR 970.5223-1    Integration of Environment, Safety, and

                                                            Health Into Work Planning and Execution

                                                            (DEC 2000)

I.87                  DEAR 970.5223-2    Acquisition and Use of Environmentally

                                                            Preferable Products and Services (DEC 2000)

I.88                  DEAR 970.5223-4    Workplace Substance Abuse Programs

                                                            At DOE Sites (DEC 2000)

I.89                  DEAR 970.5226-1    Diversity Plan (DEC 2000)

I.90                  DEAR 970.5226-3    Community Commitment (DEC 2000)

I.91                  DEAR 970.5227-2    Rights in Data – Technology Transfer

                                                            (DEC 2000)

I.92                  DEAR 970.5227-3    Technology Transfer Mission (DEC 2000)


I.93                  DEAR 970.5227-4    Authorization and Consent (DEC 2000)

I.94                  DEAR 970.5227-5    Notice and Assistance Regarding Patent

                                                            And Copyright Infringement (DEC 2000)

I.95                  DEAR 970.5227-6    Patent Indemnity – Subcontracts (DEC 2000)

I.96                  DEAR 970.5227-8    Refund of Rayalties (DEC 2000) (Deviation)

I.97                  DEAR 970.5227-10 Patent Rights – Management and Operating

                                                            Contracts, Nonprofit Organization or Small

                                                            Business Firm Contractor (DEC 2000)

I.98                  DEAR 970.5228-1    Insurance – Litigation and Claims (DEC 2000)

                                                            (Deviation) (Includes modifications final rul dated 1/18/01)


Clause           FAR/DEAR              Title of Clause

   No.               Reference                


I.99                  DEAR 970.5229-1    State and Local Taxes (DEC 2000)

I.100                DEAR 970.5231-4    Preexisting Conditions (DEC 2000)

                                                            (Alternate I) (DEC 2000)

I.101                DEAR 970.5232-1    Reduction or Suspension of Advance,

                                                            Partial, or Progress Payments (DEC 2000)

I.102                DEAR 970.5232-2    Payments and Advances (DEC 2000) (Alternates II and III) (DEC 2000) (Deviation)

I.103                DEAR 970.5232-3    Accounts, Records, and Inspection

                                                            (DEC 2000) (Alternate II) (DEC 2000)

I.104                DEAR 970.5232-4    Obligation of Funds (DEC 2000)

I.105                DEAR 970.5232-5    Liability with Respect to Cost Accounting

                                                            Standards (DEC 2000)

I.106                DEAR 970.5232-6    Work for Others Funding Authorization

                                                            (DEC 2000)

I.107                DEAR 970.5232-7    Financial Management System (DEC 2000)

I.108                DEAR 970.5232-8    Integrated Accounting (DEC 2000)

I.109                DEAR 970.5235-1    Federally Funded Research and Development Center Sponsoring Agreement (DEC 2000)

!.110               DEAR 970.5236-1    Government Facility Subcontract Approval (DEC 2000) (Deviation)

I.111                DEAR 970.5237-2    Facilities Management (DEC 2000) (Deviation)

I.112                DEAR 970.5242-1    Penalties for Unallowable Costs (DEC 2000)

I.113                DEAR 970.5243-1    Changes (DEC 2000)

I.114                DEAR 970.5244-1    Contractor Purchasing System (DEC 2000) (includes modifications in final rule dated 1/18/01) (Deviation)

I.115                DEAR 970.4245-1    Property (DEC 2000) (Alternate I) (DEC 2000)



Part III


List of Documents, Exhibits and Other Attachments Section J – List of Attachments



Attachment No:                      Attachment:


            J.1                               Appendix A – Personnel Appendix

            J.2                               Appendix B – Performance Criteria and Measures

            J.3                               Appendix C – Special Financial Institution Account

            J.4                               Appendix D – Budget Program

            J.5                               Appendix E – Make or Buy Plan

            J.6                               Appendix F – Reserved

            J.7                               Appendix G – Purchasing System Requirements

            J.8                               Appendix H – FY'02 – Small Business Subcontracting Plan

            J.9                               Appendix I  –  DOE Directives/List B

            J.10                             Appendix J – Treaties and International Agreements/Waived Inventions

            J.11                             Appendix K – Reserved

            J.12                             Appendix L – Reserved

            J.13                             Appendix M – Contract Guidance for Preparation of Diversity Plan