Lab-Wide WBS Update Project



Project Documents

          LWWBS List of Activities - Controlled - Only Connee can update, Excel

          Test 1 FY10 Budget by Task By Exp Type, Excel

          Fermilab MS PT-F MP List 05-21-2010 Rev 6, Excel

          Proposed Management Systems 05-25-2010 Rev 6, PowerPoint

          Test Mapping of Open Tasks May 2010, Excel

          Boroski – Chargeable Tasks by LWWBS As of 1-21-10 Data Lines w-Triple Level Grouping CD Working Version 20100401, Excel

          LWWBS Super Categories 25-Mar-2010, PowerPoint

          Chargeable Tasks by LWWBS as of 1-21-10 Data Lines w/Triple Level Grouping, Excel

          Triple Category Mapping PHG – daq support, Mar 19

          Accelerator LLA, Georgio Apollinari

          LWWBS for Support Items, Mar 18 Example, Dave Carlson

          Triple Category Mapping

          Peter’s WBS Fantasy #2  5-March-2010 Excel

          Peter’s WBS Fantasy #2  5-March-2010 Notes

          DOE’s Definitions of Functional Cost Categories    PDF   Word

          Peter’s Fantasies Feb 23, 2010

          Lab Demographics Instructions 2010 J Boger, Jan 2010

          Lab Demographics 2010 J Boger, Jan 2010

          HEP Org Chart 02-27-2010

          LWWBS Structure – Working Copy (Bill 2010-02-2011)

          Recent OHEP Requests for Information – Feb 10, 2010

          Mapping Lab POC to OHEP Subprogram Manager

          LWWBS B&R Task Lists

          OHAP 10 Year Plan, dated 9-9-2009    PDF   Excel

          Problems with LWWBS    PDF   Word

          List of Chargeable Tasks By LWWBS as of 1-21-10

          Fields Attached to a Task in Accounting System

          LWWBS Structure as of 01-20-10

Project Charter

          Fermilab Lab-Wide WBS Update Project Charter, issued 12-09-09    PDF    Word

Project Reports