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FRA EVMS Internal Surveillance
March 12-14, 2012

Report & Corrective Action Plan / Closeout

Surveillance Final Report
Corrective Action Follow-up

Key Review Documents

Fermilab EVMS Annual Surveillance Plan
Agenda - FINAL

In Briefing

Surveillance Overview – Cathy Lavelle
EVMS Overview – Dean Hoffer
NOvA Overview – John Cooper

Out Briefing Slides
EVMS Surveillance Review Team

Certification Review Documents for Reviewers

NOvA EVMS Documentation Webpage (Password Protected)
FRA Earned Value Management System
Draft Changes to FRA Earned Value Management System

Other References

EVMS Refresher Training

Prior EVMS Training
DOE OECM EVMS Certification Review, May 11-15, 2009
DOE OECM EVMS Certification Follow-up Review, January 12, 2010
EVMS Internal Surveillance, March 7-9, 2011

Letter to Pier Oddone, dated 1-9-2009
OHEP Project Guidelines 1-9-2009

Labor Charging Practices for Projects


General Information

Info Map to Wilson Hall One North (WH1NW)
ReadyTalk Instructions for Remote Interviewee Access

Local Hotels
Visitor Information – Using the Network at Fermilab
Fermilab visitor’s information – access to Lab, directions and mapsreview meetings are in Wilson Hall – there is parking on both sides of the building
Directions and Maps of Fermilab