Organization and Human Asset Plan (OHAP)

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Scientist Survey Five Year Plan

Employee OHAP Functional Roles

Classifications and Definitions of Managers and Project Managers

Realtionship - Job Titles and OHAP Functional Roles

Ten Year Planning Exercise/Needs Analysis

FY2011 Fermilab Personnel Deployment in FTE-yrs

In order to facilitate the FY2012 OHAP Needs Survey, the FY2011 manpower charge experience was harvested from Kronos FTL and PeopleSoft. The process is described in:


Password Protected Files

Senior Management Password Protected Files


The underlying EXCEL spreadsheet without names and some example pivot tables are located in:

no-names-FY2011-FTL-FTE-yrs Note: this file is approximately 25 Mbytes and is only available on Fermilab site or by VPN
FY2011 FTS FTE-yrs with names + selected pivot tables (Password Protected)
FY2011 FTS FTE-yrs with names - no pivot tables (Password Protected)

Directors, D/S/C Heads and Project Managers can request these files with names from Peter H. Garbincius (

Fermilab Programs FY2011-FY2021

Please refer to the EXCEL workbook: PHG_2012_LWWBS_TO_OHAP_MATCHING_v10

Sheet 1 - Activities: multi-color timeline showing FLAG activities year by year, as best we know them, according to status (color code to be found at bottom):

  • fully operating, analysis, construction, R&D, decommissioning;
  • includes summation into OHAP Projects/Programs and contact persons;
  • includes sum of FTE-yrs expended in FY2011 (summed over all job categories).

Sheet 2 - Lab Support Mgmt Breakout:

  • breakdown by D/S/C for FTE-yrs in FY2011 for Lab Support/Management

Sheet 3 - Recipients:

  • distribution list
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