4th Workshop on Physics
with a high intensity proton source, November 9-10 (Monday-Tuesday), 2009
organized by Fermilab UEC and Fermilab

Physics Workshop IV - November 9-10, 2009
Registrants List

This list was updated on November 10, 2009 9:51 AM (CDT)

Registered Attendees:

Name Institution Attendance Working Group
Robert Abrams Muons, Inc. Attend Muons
Todd Adams Florida State University Attend Neutrinos
Jacob Anderson Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Charles Ankenbrandt Muons, Inc. Attend Muons
Jeffrey Appel Fermilab Attend Kaons
Bruce Baller Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
William Bardeen Fermilab Attend Kaons
Robert Bernstein Fermilab Attend Muons
Ed Blucher University of Chicago Attend Neutrinos, Kaons
Greg Bock Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons
Edward Boos SINP MSU Attend Neutrinos
Carl Bromberg Michigan State Attend Neutrinos
Douglas Bryman University of British Columbia Attend Muons, Kaons
Roberto Carosi INFN Pisa, Italy Remote Muons, Kaons
Brendan Casey Fermilab Attend Muons
David Christian Fermilab Attend Kaons
Joao Coelho UNICAMP Attend Neutrinos
Rick Coleman Fermilab Attend Muons
Joseph Comfort Arizona State University Remote Kaons
Michael Cooke Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Mary Anne Cummings Muons, Inc. Attend Muons
Steven Dazeley LLNL Attend Neutrinos
Benedetto DiRuzza Fermilab Attend Muons
Milind DIwan BNL Attend Neutrinos
Zelimir Djurcic Argonne National Laboratory Attend Neutrinos
Bogdan Dobrescu Fermilab Attend Muons, Kaons
Nathan Eddy Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Helen Edwards Fermilab Attend Kaons
Antonio Ereditato University of Bern Attend Neutrinos
Mark Fischler Fermilab Attend Muons
Gene Flanagan Muons, Inc. Attend Muons
Bonnie Fleming Yale University Attend Neutrinos
Alexander Glazov DESY Attend Kaons
Douglas Glenzinski Fermilab Attend Muons
Harvey Gould LBNL Remote SMNP
Richard Gran University of Minnesota Attend Neutrinos
Herbert Greenlee Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Craig Group Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
David H NIU Attend Neutrinos
Deborah Harris Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Walter Henning Argonne National Laboratory Attend SMNP
Jonathan Hildyard National Instruments Attend Muons
Steve Holmes Fermilab Attend Kaons, ISOL
Zeynep Isvan University of Pittsburgh Attend Neutrinos
Judith Jackson Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Catherine James Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Leo Jenner Imperial / Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Douglas Jensen Fermilab Attend Kaons
Rolland Johnson Muons, Inc. Attend Muons
Harald Johnstad Argonne National Laboratory Attend Neutrinos
Stephen Kahn Muons, Inc Attend Muons
Peter Kammel UIUC Attend Muons
Teppei Katori Massachusetts Institute of Technology Attend Neutrinos
Boris Kayser Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons
Young-Kee Kim Fermilab Attend Muons
Mark Kozlovsky Fermilab Attend Muons, Kaons
Andreas Kronfeld Fermilab Attend Kaons
Yury Kudenko Institute for Nuclear Research Remote Neutrinos, Kaons
Yoshitaka Kuno Osaka University Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Rob Kutschke Fermilab Attend Muons
Qizhong Li Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Peter Limon Fermilab Attend Muons
Jiajie Ling University of South Carolina Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons
David Lissauer NSF Attend Neutrinos,
Chen-Yu Liu Indiana University Remote SMNP
Donatella Lucchesi University and INFN of Padova Attend Muons
Sergei Lusin Fermilab Attend Muons
Adam Lyon Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons
Ricardo Magana-Villalba Cinvestav Attend Kaons
Shashikant Manikonda Argonne National Laboratory Attend SMNP
David Mason Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Rashid Mehdiyev University of Texas, Austin Attend Neutrinos
Mark Messier Indiana University Attend Neutrinos
Satoshi Mihara KEK Attend Muons
James Miller Boston University Attend Muons
Shekhar Mishra Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, ISOL
Miguel Mondragon Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Peter Mueller Argonne National Lab Attend ISOL
Sergei Nagaitsev Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons
David Neuffer Fermilab Attend Muons
Hogan Nguyen Fermilab Attend Kaons
Jerry Nolen Argonne National Laboratory Attend ISOL
Pier Oddone Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Jyotsna Osta University of Notre Dame Attend Neutrinos
Vaia Papadimitriou Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Kaons
Stephen Parke Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Gregory Pawloski Stanford University Attend Neutrinos
Daniele Pedrini INFN-Milano-Bicocca Italy Attend Kaons
Thomas Phillips Duke University Attend Muons
Robert Plunkett Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, SMNP
Dinko Pocanic University of Virginia Attend Muons
Chris Polly Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
James Popp York College at City University of NY Attend Muons
Eric Prebys Fermilab Attend Muons
Oleg Prokofiev Fermilab Attend Muons
Azizur Rahaman University of South Carolina Attend Neutrinos
Ron Ray Fermilab Attend Muons
Brian Rebel Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Jack Ritchie University of Texas at Austin Attend Kaons
B. Lee Roberts Boston University Attend Muons
Robert Roser Fermilab Attend Muons
Biagio Rossi University of Bern Attend Neutrinos
Remo Ruffini Icranet Remote Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons
Vadim Rusu Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Naohito Saito KEK Attend Muons
Akira Sato Osaka University Remote Muons
Peter Shanahan Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Thomas Sima American Academy of Industry Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons, SMNP
James Simone Fermilab Attend Kaons
Marcelle Soares-Santos Fermilab & U of Sao Paulo Attend Neutrinos
Hal Spinka Argonne National Laboratory Attend SMNP
Joshua Spitz Yale University Attend Neutrinos
Giulio Stancari Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons, SMNP
Michelle Stancari Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Prashant Subbarao Duke University Attend Neutrinos, Kaons
Alexander Sukhanov University of Florida Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Robert Svoboda UC Davis Attend Neutrinos
Michael Syphers Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons
Yagmur Torun Illinois Institute of Technology Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Robert Tschirhart Fermilab Attend Muons, Kaons
Jon Urheim Indiana University Attend Neutrinos
Rick Van Kooten Indiana University Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons
Yau Wah University of Chicago Attend Kaons
William Wester Fermilab Attend Kaons, ISOL
Christopher White IIT Attend Neutrinos
Herman B. White, Jr. Fermilab Attend Muons, Kaons
Robert Wilson Colorado State University Attend Neutrinos
Stanley Wojcicki Stanford Attend Neutrinos, Kaons
Stephen Wolbers Fermilab Attend Neutrinos
Matthew Worcester University of Chicago Attend Neutrinos
Jinyuan Wu Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Yunhe Xie Fermilab Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Sahal Yacoob Northwestern Attend Neutrinos, Muons, Kaons, SMNP
Peter Yamin BNL Attend Muons
Victor Yarba Fermilab Attend Muons
Makoto Yoshida Osaka Univ. Remote Muons
Cary Yoshikawa Muons, Inc. Attend Muons
Albert Young NCSU Remote SMNP
Sam Zeller LANL Attend Neutrinos
Yu Zeng Duke University Attend Neutrinos, Muons
Bob Zwaska Fermilab Attend Neutrinos