3rd Workshop on Physics
with a high intensity proton source, June 5-6 (Thursday-Friday), 2008
organized by Fermilab UEC and Fermilab

Physics Workshop III - June 5-6, 2008
Registrants List

This list was updated on June 25, 2008 7:55 AM (CDT)

Registered Attendees:

Name Institution Attendance Working Group Present a Poster
Robert Abrams Muons, Inc. Attend Muons  
Nikolai Andreev Fermilab Attend Antiprotons  
Chuck Ankenbrandt Fermilab Attend Muons  
Jeffrey Appel Fermilab Attend Kaons  
Kregg Arms University of Minnesota Attend Neutrinos  
Bill Ashmanskas Fermilab Attend Muons  
Bakul Banerjee Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Chandra Bhat Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Mary Bishai Brookhaven National Lab Remote Neutrinos  
Dixon Bogert Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Tim Bolton Kansas State University Remote Neutrinos  
Howad Budd University of Rochester Attend Neutrinos  
Len Bugel Columbia Attend Neutrinos  
Douglas Bryman UBC Attend Kaons  
David Capista Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Roberto Carosi INFN, Pisa Attend Kaons  
Gary Cheng Columbia Attend Neutrinos  
Harry Cheung Fermilab Attend Kaons  
Sam Childress Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Brajesh Choudhary University of Delhi Attend Neutrinos  
Thomas Coan SMU Attend Neutrinos  
Rick Coleman Fermilab Attend Kaons  
John Cooper Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Joe Dehmer NSF Attend Neutrinos  
Steven Dixon Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Zelimir Djurcic Columbia University Attend Neutrinos  
E. Craig Dukes University of Virginia Attend Muons  
Estia J. Eichten Fermilab Attend Muons  
Gary Feldman Harvard University Attend Neutrinos  
David Finley Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Mark Fischler Fermilab Attend Antiprotons  
Bonnie Fleming Yale University Remote Neutrinos  
Hugh Gallagher Tufts Remote Neutrinos  
Steve Geer Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Heather Gerberich University of Illinois Attend Kaons  
Keith Gollwitzer Fermilab Attend Antiprotons  
Maury Goodman ANL Attend Neutrinos  
Thomas Handler University of Tennessee Attend Neutrinos  
Robert Harr Wayne State University Attend Muons  
Deborah Harris Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
David Hedin NIU Attend Neutrinos  
Karsten Heeger University of Wisconsin Attend Neutrinos  
Kenneth Heller Univ of Minnesota Attend Neutrinos  
David Hertzog University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Attend Muons  
Christopher Hill Fermilab Attend Muons  
Glenn Horton-Smith Kansas State University Attend Antiprotons  
Jim Hylen Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Gerald Jackson Hbar Technologies, LLC Attend Antiprotons  
Catherine James Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Douglas Jensen Fermilab Attend Kaons  
Harald Johnstad Argonne National Laboratory Attend Neutrinos  
David Johnson Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Rolland Johnson Muons, Inc. Attend Muons  
Hans Jostlein Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Chang Kee Jung Stony Brook University Attend Neutrinos  
Tomas Kafka Tufts University Remote Neutrinos  
Stephen Kahn Muons Inc Attend Muons  
Daniel Kaplan Illinois Institute of Technology Antiprotons  
Teppei Katori Indiana University Attend Neutrinos  
Young-Kee Kim Fermilab and U.Chicago Attend Neutrinos  
Gordon Koizumi Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Sergei Kopeikin University of Missouri-Columbia Attend Antiprotons  
Mike Kordosky William and Mary Attend Neutrinos  
Andreas Kronfeld Fermilab Attend Kaons  
Joseph Lach Fermilab Attend Antiprotons  
Ronald Lipton Fermilab Attend Muons  
William Louis LANL Remote Neutrinos  
Peter Lucas Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Patrick Lukens Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Enrico Lunghi Fermilab Attend Kaons  
Joseph Lykken Fermilab Remote Muons  
Anthony Mann Tufts University Remote Neutrinos  
William Marsh Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Mike Martens Fermilab Attend Muons  
Antonio Masiero Univ. of Padua and INFN, Padua Attend Muons  
Rashid Mehdiyev UT, Austin Attend Neutrinos  
Mark Messier Indiana University Attend Neutrinos  
Leo Michelotti Fermilab Antiprotons  
James Miller Boston University Attend Muons  
William Miller University of Minnesota Attend Neutrinos  
Caroline Milstene Fermilab/GS Attend Neutrinos  
Sanjib Mishra University of South Carolina Attend Neutrinos  
William Molzon University of California, Irvine Attend Muons  
Craig Moore Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Jorge Morfin Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Jim Niehoff Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Andrew Norman U. Virginia Attend Neutrinos  
Vaia Papadimitriou Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Todd Pedlar Luther College Remote Antiprotons  
Thomas Phillips Duke University Attend Antiprotons  
Kevin Pitts University of Illinois Attend Kaons  
Chris Polly Indiana University Attend Muons  
Milorad Popovic Fermilab Attend Muons  
Giovanni Punzi INFN-Pisa Attend Neutrinos  
Azizur Rahaman Carolina Attend Neutrinos  
Igor Rakhno Fermilab Attend Muons  
Regina Rameika Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Ron Ray Fermilab Attend Muons  
Brian Rebel Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Paul Reimer Argonne National Laboratory Attend Muons  
Luciano Ristori INFN-Pisa Attend Muons  
Tom Roberts Illinois Institute of Technology Antiprotons  
Robert Roser Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Britney Rutherford Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
James Santucci Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Niki Saoulidou Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Heidi Schellman Northwestern Attend Neutrinos  
Jacob Schneps Tufts University Remote Neutrinos  
Yannis Semertzidis BNL Remote Muons  
Peter Shanahan Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Marleigh Sheaff University of Wisconsin Remote Neutrinos  
Toshi-Aki Shibata Tokyo Institute of Technology Attend Neutrinos  
Mitch Soderberg Yale University Attend Neutrinos  
Nickolas Solomey Wichita State University Attend Neutrinos  
Michel Sorel IFIC (CSIC and U. Valencia) Attend Neutrinos  
Giulio Stancari INFN Ferrara Remote Antiprotons  
Michelle Stancari University of Ferrara, Italy Attend Antiprotons  
Ray Stefanski Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
James Stone Boston University Attend Neutrinos  
Haryo Sumowidagdo Florida State University Attend Neutrinos  
Robert Svoboda UC Davis/LLNL Attend Neutrinos  
Mike Syphers Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Salman Tariq Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Rex Tayloe Indiana University Neutrinos  
Kirsten Tollefson Michigan State University Attend Neutrinos  
John Tompkins Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Yagmur Torun IIT/FNAL Attend Neutrinos  
George Tzanakos University of Athens remote Neutrinos  
Robert Wagner Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Wei Wang University of Wisconsin-Madison Attend Neutrinos  
Morgan Wascko Imperial College London Attend Neutrinos  
Manfred Wendt Fermilab Attend Neutrinos  
Wu-Tsung Weng DOE Attend Neutrinos  
William Wester Fermilab Attend Antiprotons  
Herman B. White Fermilab Attend Muons  
Peter Wilson Fermilab Attend Muons  
Stanley Wojcicki Stanford University Attend Neutrinos  
Stephen Wolbers Fermilab Attend Kaons  
Peter Yamin BNL Attend Muons  
GP Yeh Fermilab Attend Antiprotons  
Katsuya Yonehara Fermilab Attend Muons  
Cary Yoshikawa Fermilab/Muons, Inc. Attend Muons  
Sam Zeller LANL Attend Neutrinos  
Joe Zlotnicki H Bar Technologies LLC Remote Antiprotons  
Robert Zwaska Fermilab Attend Neutrinos