1st Workshop on Physics
with a high intensity proton source, November 16-17 (Friday-Saturday), 2007
organized by Fermilab UEC and Fermilab

Dear Colleagues,

As discussed at the Fermilab Town Hall meeting Thursday, September 27, Fermilab and the Fermilab Users Executive Committee are organizing a workshop on the physics potential of a high intensity proton source.

In the event that the ILC is delayed from the technically limited timeline, the Fermilab Steering Group has proposed the construction of an ILC-like linac that, in conjunction with the rest of the Fermilab accelerator chain, would produce high intensity proton beams at various energies. The report of the Steering Group can be found at


(Project X: Click image for larger view)

The workshop to be held at Fermilab on November 16 and 17 would focus on the potential physics program associated with a high intensity proton source. The plan is to have a follow-up workshop in January.

We would appreciate your input on possible speakers for the workshop, suggestions or volunteers are welcome.

We apologize for the short notice, but it is important that this process begin soon, well in advance of the P5 meeting to be held in early 2008. For people who are unable to attend, video will be available. Details on registration and the agenda for the workshop will follow later. We hope you can attend.

Young-Kee Kim and Kevin Pitts
for Fermilab and the Fermilab UEC