Steering Group
To develop a strategic roadmap for the accelerator-based HEP program
(formed on March 22, 2007)

Charge to Subgroups (2007-05-02)

Group 1: Oversight/Advice
  • Charge: Make sure that roadmaps being developed are consistent with the EPP2010 and P5 recommendations.
  • Members: Jon Bagger, Sally Dawson, Mel Shochet (chair), Abe Seiden, Young-Kee Kim (ex-officio)
Group 2: Neutrino Physics
  • Charge: Develop a roadmap for the accelerator-based neutrino physics program. This roadmap should be built upon NuSAG studies.
  • Members: Gene Beier, Debbie Harris, Boris Kayser, Ed Kearns, Sacha Kopp, Andy Lankford (chair), Bill Louis, Young-Kee Kim (ex-officio)
Group 3: Flavor Physics
  • Charge: Develop a 10-year plan for the accelerator-based flavor physics (quarks, charged leptons, physics with anti-protons, etc.) program using the reconfiguration of the present collider complex. This plan should outline what experiments in this area of physics may be possible and lead to exciting physics. A decision on which, if any, of these experiments will be pursued can be made only once the entire gamut of possibilities in all of accelerator based physics is known.
  • Members: Joel Butler, Brendan Casey, Sally Dawson (chair), Chris Hill, Dan Kaplan, Yury Kolomensky, Bill Molzon, Kevin Pitts, Frank Porter, Bob Tschirhart, Harry Weerts, Young-Kee Kim (ex-officio)
Group 4: Accelerator Facilities
  • Charge: Develop various options of a facility roadmap that supports global ILC R&D efforts and the development of Fermilab as a potential host cite for the ILC, and develops options in the event the start of the ILC construction is slower than the technically-limited schedule. The roadmap should be based on technical and resource feasibilities (physics-based roadmaps are being developed by physics groups), and consider at least the following facilities:
    • ILC
    • ILC System Test Facilities
      • New Muon Lab, 6 GeV Linac, ILC Damping Ring using the Tevatron tunnel, etc.
    • Super B Factory
    • Proton Driver
    • Reconfiguration of the present collider complex at Fermilab
      • Booster, Accumulator, Debuncher, Recycler, Main Injector, Tevatron, etc.
    • Members: Helen Edwards, Tom Himel, Steve Holmes (chair), David McGinnis, Sergei Nagaitsev, Tor Raubenheimer, Vladimir Shiltsev, Maury Tigner, Young-Kee Kim (ex-officio)
Group 5: High Energy Colliders beyond the ILC
  • Charge: Develop the steps necessary to explore higher energy colliders that might follow the ILC or be needed should the results from LHC point toward a higher energy than that planned for the ILC.
  • Members: Helen Edwards, Vladimir Shiltsev, Maury Tigner (chair), Young-Kee Kim (ex-officio)
Each subgroup should specify needed resources for its plans. If necessary, each group engage additional constituents from the community in the analysis of various options. The interim report should be prepared by Monday, June 8.

Neutrino Physics Group:

Name Institution Phone number e-mail address
Eugene Beier U. Penn (215)898-5960
Deborah Harris Fermilab (630)840-4545
Ed Kearns Boston U. (617)353-3425
Boris Kayser Fermilab (212)854-3317
Sacha Kopp UT Austin (505)667-6723
Bill Louis Los Alamos (512)471-0461
Andrew Lankford UC Irvine (949)824-2632
Young-Kee Kim Fermilab / U.Chicago (630)840-3211

Flavor Physics Group:

(Quarks, Charged Leptons, Physics with anti-protons, etc.)

Name Institution Phone number e-mail address
Joel Butler Fermilab (630)840-3148
Brendan Casey Brown / Fermilab (630)840-5266
Sally Dawson BNL (631)344-3854
Chris Hill Fermilab (630)840-4301
Dan Kaplan IIT 312-567-3389
Yury Kolomensky UC Berkeley / LBNL (510)486-7811
William Molzon UC Irvine (949)824-5987
Kevin Pitts UIUC (217)333-3946
Frank Porter CalTech (650)926-3516
Bob Tschirhart Fermilab (630)840-5708
Harry Weerts ANL (630)252-8831
Young-Kee Kim Fermilab / U.Chicago (630)840-3211