Fermilab Master Planning Task Force



  • Fermilab: Pier Oddone,Jack Anderson, Stuart Henderson, Peter Garbincius, Greg Bock, Vicky White, Bob Kephart, Randy Ortgiesen, Giorgio Apollinari, Mike Lindgren, Patty McBride, Paul Czarapata, Katie Yurkewicz, Rob Roser, Jon Bakken, Gary Van Zandbergen, Steve Dixon (Secretary), Young-Kee Kim (Chair)
  • U.Chicago: Steve Wiesenthal from U.Chicago
Meeting Time / Location / Call-in Information
  • Time: Tuesdays, 2-3 pm
  • Location: Comitium, Fermilab (WH2SW)
  • To attend the meeting by phone
    • Dial 1-510-883-7860
    • Enter 85 Master or 85 627837 followed by #

Meeting Agenda / Presentations / Minutes

Year-Mo-Day Topic Speaker / Presentation Document
2013-06-03 Master Plan Update
Space Planning Task Force
G. Van Zandenbergen
Y.-K. Kim
2013-4-19 Master Plan Status Randy Ortgiesen
G. Van Zandenbergen
2013-3-29 Mu2e Facilities
Master Plan Status
Ron Ray
G. Van Zandenbergen

Experimental Operation Center (XOC) Presentation
Master Plan

G. Van Zandbergen Minutes
2012-7-17 CUB Status, SLI, PEMP Notable Outcomes, Master Planning Task Force Charter, The designation of a Laboratory Architect Randy Ortgiesen Minutes

Infrastructure / Mission Readiness
OKRA Preservation Taskforce Presentation

Randy Ortgiesen
Peter Garbincius

Muon Campus

ITER facilities

Site Planning – Discussion (in preparation of Jim Siegrist’s next visit)

Changing the meaning of “NML” – Discussion

Ron Ray / Chris Polly

Giorgio Apollinari / Ruben Carcagno (TBC)



2011-12-13 WH Atrium Utilization Concepts G. VanZandbergen Minutes

CDF Decommissioning Status - J. Lewis
Mu2e Space Needs - R. Ray
P-1021 Proposal - B. Tschirhart
TD IARC Annual Upkeep Cost Estimates - R. Sood
CDF GPP Budget - K. Collins
IARC Planning - B. Kephart

Mike Lindgren
Erik Gottschalk
Jonathan Lewis
Ron Ray
Bob Tschirhart
Romesh Sood
Kent Collins
Bob Kephart

2011-10-18 Wilson Hall Space Planning Mike Lindgren Minutes
2011-08-16 Feedback from Mission Readiness Review
Naming projects and buildings
Process for IARC and WH office space decision
Randy Ortgiesen
Young-Kee Kim
Young-Kee Kim
2011-07-19LAr Test Facility building for MicroBooNE
Gary Van Zandbergen
2011-04-26 TeVatron Decommissioning
IARC Office Space
R. Stanek
B. Kephart
2011-04-11 Buildings in the NML area
CMS office needs
Gary Van Zandbergen
Dan Green
2011-04-04 IARC
Space for summer teachers
R. Merchat / S. Lumsden
Marge Bardeen
Ron Ray
Chris Polly
2010-10-11 Project X Needs Steve Holmes Minutes
2010-10-04 IARC, etc. with Jamie Carpenter Minutes
2010-09-27 Teachers Training Room Marge Bardeen Minutes
2010-08-16 Mu2e Facility Needs
FNAL Facility Space Needs of MicroBooNE
Ron Ray
Cat James
2010-07-16 Overview: Illinois Accelerator Recearch Center (IARC) Bob Kephart Minutes
2010-06-21 LBNE Office Space and Facilities Needs Jim Strait Minutes
2010-01-04 Office space needs for users Young-Kee Kim
2009-12-14 Building usage matrix Randy Ortgiesen Minutes
2009-11-30 Conceptual Layouts of Neutrino Control Room
Next Steps / Taskforce Charter
Ed Crumpley
2009-11-16 LBNE Needs
MicroBooNE Needs
Gina Rameika
Cat James
2009-11-02 Neutrino Control Room (20')
NOvA Needs (20')
MINERvA Needs (20')
Young-Kee + Ed
Mark Messier
Jorge Morfin
2009-10-19 Current Buildings and Infrastructure Randy Ortgiesen Minutes
2009-10-12 "Lunch time" Round-table discussion at UCHicago All
2009-10-05 IARC Status
PPD Current Facilities and Future Needs
Bob Kephart
Mike Lindgren
2009-09-28 "Qualitative" Aspects of Master Planning
Taskforce Charter
Ed Crumpley
2009-09-21 UChicago Master Planning Process Steve Wiesenthal Minutes
2009-09-07 Kick-off Meeting Y2K et al Minutes