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Fermilab: The Future

Goal of the Committee

The face of particle physics is changing.

Over the course of the next decade we expect that the high energy frontier will pass from the Tevatron at Fermilab to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The particle physics world would like to build a Linear Collider and we at Fermilab have stated that we would like to host such a machine. This was not a trivial decision yet it leaves many open questions. When will the Linear Collider be built? What resources will Fermilab need to devote? How does this change if the Linear Collider is not built at Fermilab? There are many opportunities for excitement in flavor and neutrino physics, and in particle astrophysics. Perhaps these need other enhancements to the accelerator complex? Accelerators are also the basis for many directions in experimental science. How might all these components fit together?

There is one certainty and many uncertainties; the role for Fermilab will change, but how? In order to facilitate a broad and open discussion of this future, the Director has appointed a committee of scientists drawn from the Fermilab staff and elsewhere. Over the next few months they will work to map out some options available for Fermilab.

Charge to the Committee


Operation of the Committee

The committee has formed several subcommittees, each with a convener. These subcommittees are meeting, soliciting input from many directions, and, in some cases, planning for public presentations. The subcommittees already formed and their conveners are shown below. We know of at least one other important subcommittee which we would like to consider other particle physics opportunities.

We hope that we can map out some future directions which will bring exciting physics to Fermilab in the future as has happened in the past. We are open to hear from anyone at the Laboratory and from the wider community and you should use whatever method suits you best including conversations with any of the members, e-mail to any and all, or e-mail to the Chairman or Director.

Working Groups

Chris Hill

Gary Feldman

Linear Collider
Steve Holmes

Large Hadron Collider

Proton Driver
Bob Kephart

Accelerator R&D
Steve Geer

Particle Astrophysics
Josh Frieman

Non-(Particle Physics)
Joel Butler

Hugh Montgomery

International Lab Issues


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