Office of Integrated Planning & Performance Management (IPPM)


The Office of Integrated Planning and Performance Management (IPPM) within the Fermilab Directorate provides systems and management processes for institutional planning and performance assessment and evaluation. The office of IPPM leads multi-year, forward-looking planning and integration of institutional plans, programs, projects, operations and budgets. In addition it develops, implements and maintains integrated laboratory systems and management processes for strategic planning and goal setting, project and program oversight, enterprise risk management and performance planning and oversight.

IPPM Facilitates:

  • Development of a compelling Laboratory strategic vision
  • Guidance for the Laboratory-level investment portfolio
  • Development of an integrated planning process for business planning that effectively executes the Laboratory vision
  • Development of Lab-wide policy, procedures and instructions
  • Monitoring and analysis of laboratory performance
  • Communication, Feedback and improvement opportunities: “shared learning”

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the development of Fermilab Strategic and Annual Laboratory Plans and timetables to integrate strategic priorities, workforce development, facilities/infrastructure plans and approved budgets
  • Coordinating the preparation, review, assessments and reporting for annual laboratory Performance Evaluation Measurement Plan
  • Providing support and secretariat services to the Performance Oversight Group
  • Facilitating the Laboratory (Enterprise) risk management assessments and mitigation planning
  • Maintaining Organization Human Assets Plan and critical skills forecasts
Strategic Planning and Goals Development Performance Oversight Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP)
Enterprise Risk Management Organization and Human Assets Plan (OHAP) Assurance Council Support
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