Fermilab Accelerator Advisory Committee


May 10-12, 2006

Comitium, Wilson Hall 2SE

Revision 18-April-2006



Wednesday, May 10

8:30-9:00         Committee Executive Session                                                                        J. Corlett

9:00-9:20         Welcome and Presentation of Charge                                         S. Holmes (pdf) (ppt)


Proton Development Plan (Organized by Roger Dixon)

9:20-9:40         Overview of Plans for High Intensity Neutrino Beams                             R. Dixon (pdf)

9:40-10:15       Overview of the Proton Plan                                                                E. Prebys (ppt)


10:15-10:35     Break                                                                                                                        


10:35-11:00     Overview of the SuperNuMI Plan                                         A. Marchionni (pdf) (ppt)

11:00-11:25     Targets and Horns                                                                            M. Martens (pdf)

11:25-11:50     700 KW Proton Beam for Neutrinos                                                 P. Derwent (pdf)

11:50-12:15     1 MW Proton Beam for Neutrinos                                          D. McGinnis (pdf) (ppt)

12:15-12:30     Discussion


12:15-1:15       Lunch

High Intensity Neutrino Source R&D (Organized by Giorgio Apollinari)

1:15-1:35         Introduction, Plans, and Funding                                              G. Apollinari (pdf) (ppt)

1:35-2:05         Beam Dynamics/Linac Simulation                                          P. Ostroumov (pdf) (ppt)

2 :05-2 :35       Systems Integration and Meson Lab Setup                                R. Webber (pdf) (ppt)

2:35-2:50         Discussion

2:50-3:10         Break

3:10-3:25         IQM and Phase Shifters                                                                   D. Sun (pdf) (ppt)

3:25-3:45         Klystron and Modulator                                             A. Moretti/C. Jensen (pdf) (ppt)

3:45-4:10         Ion Source and RFQ                                              D. Moehs/G. Romanov (pdf) (ppt)

4:10-4:25         Solenoids and Room Temperature Section                                      T. Page (pdf) (ppt)

4:25-5:00         Discussion


5:00-6:30         Committee Executive Session.

   Requests for supplementary or breakout presentations on Wednesday


7:00                                                            Dinner
Thursday, May 11

High Intensity Neutrino Source R&D (cont.)

8:30-9:00         Spoke Cavities and Cryostats                                                        T. Nicol (pdf) (ppt)

9:00-9:20         Focusing Solenoids                                                                I. Terechkine (pdf) (ppt)

9:20-9:35         Main Injector Injection                                                              D. Johnson (pdf) (ppt)

9:35-9:50         Discussion

9:50-10:10       Break

Discussions of HINS Synergies (Arranged by Giorgio Apollinari)

10:10-11:00     Potential synergies related to the HINS R&D program

11:00-12:00     Potential synergies related to construction of HINS

11:00-11:15           Issues related to a dual use (ILC Test and HINS) facility  D. Bogert (pdf) (ppt)

11:15-12:00           Discussion

12:00-1:00       Lunch

1:00-5:00         Supplementary presentations and/or breakout discussions as requested by the committee. Committee Executive Session



Friday, May 12

8:30-11:00       Committee Executive Session

11:00-12:00     Closeout

12:00               Adjourn