Fermilab Accelerator Advisory Committee


August 8-10, 2007

Comitium, Wilson Hall 2SE

Revision 26-Jul-2007



Wedensday, August 8

8:30-9:00         Committee Executive Session                                                                        J. Corlett

9:00-9:15         Welcome and Presentation of Charge                                                          S. Holmes


Strategic Planning Report (Organized by Steve Holmes)

9:15-9:45         Overview of the Steering Committee Report                                        S. Holmes (pdf)

9:45-10:15       Tevatron based facilities beyond Run II                                             M. Syphers (pdf)

10:15-10:30     Discussion

10:30-10:50     Break

Project X (Organized by Dave McGinnis and Giorgio Apollinari)

10:50-11:10     Project X Overview                                                                        D. McGinnis (ppt)

11:10-11:30     Project X Linac                                                                               G. Apollinari (ppt)

11:30-11:50     8 GeV injection                                                                                 D. Johnson (ppt)

11:45-12:00     Discussion

12:00-1:00       Lunch

1:00-1:20         Recycler                                                                                            S. Valishev (ppt)

1:20-1:40         Main Injector                                                                                    V. Lebedev (pdf)

1:40-1:50         8 GeV extraction                                                                               D. Johnson (ppt)

1:50-2:10         120 GeV targeting                                                                                  J. Hylen (pdf)

                        Response to Questions                                                                           J. Hylen (pdf)

2:10-2:30         HINS R&D program                                                                         R. Webber (ppt)

2:30-2:50         Discussion

2:50-3:10         Break


                        Additional Talk “Accumulator/Debuncher as Versatile Proton Facility              E. Prebys (ppt)


Muon Collider Task Force (Organized by Vladimir Shiltsev and Steve Geer)

3:10-3:30         MCTF Overview                                                                               V. Shiltsev (ppt)

3:30-3:50         Introduction to Muon Collider Concept, 6D cooling, and                    R. Johnson (ppt)

                           MANX experiment

3:50-4:10         Cooling simulations for Muon Collider and 6DMANX                     K. Yonehara (ppt)

4:10-4:30         Hardware development plans                                                               M. Lamm (ppt)

4:30-4:50         6DMANX implementation plan at Fermilab                                        A. Jansson (ppt)

4:50-5:00         Discussion


5:00-6:30         Committee Executive Session.

   Requests for supplementary or breakout presentations on Wednesday


7:00                                                            Dinner
Thursday, August 9

Muon Collider Task Force (cont.)

8:30-8:45         MTA Beamline status                                                                           F. Garcia (ppt)

8:45-9:00         Pressurized gas cavities                                                             M. BastaniNejad (ppt)

9:00-9:20         NFMCC experimental program and plans                                             Y. Torun (ppt)

9:20-9:35         Muon Collider large Dp/p IR                                                                E. Wendt (pdf)

9:35-9:50         Discussion

9:50-10:10       Break


Crystal Collimation Experiment (Organized by V. Shiltsev)

10:10-10:55     Status of Tevatron Experiments and                                                  N. Mokhov (ppt)

                            Proposal for crystal collimation experiment                                                              

10:55-12:00     Discussion

12:30-1:30       Lunch

1:30-5:00         Supplementary presentations and/or breakout discussions as requested by the committee. Committee Executive Session



Friday, August 8

8:30-11:00       Committee Executive Session

11:00-12:00     Closeout

12:00               Adjourn