No. 33.000 Rev. 0

Interactions with Legislators


Effective Date 1/1/99



This policy addresses the interactions of Fermilab staff with legislators.



This policy applies to all Fermilab employees and users.



Fermilab staff may receive requests for information from legislators or their staffs. It is imperative that the response to these requests, prepared during working hours or using government owned equipment, meet the following conditions:

  1. Before any work is done, the Public Affairs Office of the Directorate must be notified of the request. Often a request for a particular piece of information is made to more than one person and Public Affairs can prevent unnecessary duplication of work.
  2. The response must be transmitted to the legislator or staff person through Public Affairs.
  3. The response must result from a documented request, either prepared by the requester, or a note to file outlining a verbal request. The latter should include the name and title of the requester, plus the date and substance of the request. A copy of this documentation is to be provided to Public Affairs along with the response.
  4. As required by the URA-DOE contract, the response must contain the following disclaimer; "This information does not present the views of DOE."

The reason for the above requirements is: first, to be sure that some central point in the laboratory is cognizant of such requests and to assure accurate and consistent information is supplied to such requesters. Second, without adequate documentation, DOE auditors or the Inspector General could disallow the costs, forcing URA to pay all costs associated with preparing and sending the response.

Any questions where some request for information is covered by these requirements, contact Public Affairs, the Legal Office, or the Associate Director for Administration.