Pier Oddone

Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer

Fermilab Policies

This webpage provides a compilation of the Fermilab Policies that constitute the management practices of the laboratory. The purpose is to control practices and procedures, to assure appropriate flowdown, response and implementation of externally imposed requirements and internally developed initiatives. The policy system includes necessary documentation for receipt, distribution, review, control and response of internally and externally imposed DOE Orders, Federal, state and local laws and regulations. The process further provides for consistent review and interpretation of DOE directives, Federal, State and local laws and regulations, formal establishment of policy with implementation guidance, development of specific implementation procedures by line organizations, independent review and formal approval of procedures, control of changes to policy and procedures, and independent audit and self-assessment of policy implementation.

Fermilab policies typically are initiated as a result of either external input (e.g., new DOE Orders or Federal, State and local laws and regulations) or internal Fermilab initiatives. External initiators, normally DOE Orders, are transmitted in formal correspondence. Internal initiatives usually result from managers becoming aware of Federal, state and local laws and regulations that have an impact on the laboratory.

All Fermilab policies have Laboratory-wide applicability. Laboratory employees, contractors, users, and collaborators are individually and collectively responsible for executing these policies.