No. 40.000 Rev. 0

Inclement Weather and Snow Policy


Effective Date 11/24/14



This policy addresses operations during inclement weather and occurrences of heavy snow at Fermilab.



This policy applies to all employees of Fermilab.



Inclement Weather and Snow Policies

Laboratory Closing

If the Laboratory announces that it is closed on the Laboratory website and in the media prior to normal work hours, employees are paid for the day. Essential personnel* are expected to report to work if possible as scheduled or requested and do not receive additional compensation.

Inclement Weather but the Laboratory is Not Closed

If the website does not indicate that the lab is closed, an employee must contact his/her supervisor if he/she chooses not to go to work. If the employee has adequate work to perform at home then the supervisor may approve telecommuting for all or part of that day. The employee must have a telecommuting form on file to be eligible. Permission to telecommute will not be granted retroactively. If telecommuting is not requested, feasible, or not approved then the employee will be charged vacation for that day or leave without pay if he/she has no vacation.

Inclement Weather - Late Arrival

In case of severe weather conditions, payment may be made for up to 3 hours subject to supervisory approval. Payment will be made only if the employee reports to work for some portion of that workday. Any absence in excess of 3 hours must be charged to vacation.

Early Closing

If the website indicates or an announcement is made that the Lab is closing early, an employee will be paid for the remainder of his/her work shift if he/she is at work at the closing time designated by the Laboratory. Essential personnel are expected to stay and do not receive additional compensation.

If an employee chooses not to come in due to severe weather, and an early closing is announced later in the day, the employee will still be charged for a full day of vacation.

* Essential Positions

  • Fire Fighters
  • Communications Center Operators
  • Accelerator Operators
  • CHL Operators

On specific days the Directorate may determine other positions to be essential - for example payroll personnel on the day a payroll needs to run.