No. 29.000 Rev. 0

Guest Appointments


Effective Date 1/1/99



This policy addresses guest appointments at the laboratory.



All visiting professional employees of other organizations.



From time to time it will be desirable and necessary to support the Fermilab mission by making temporary or term appointments to visiting professionals. Motivations for such appointments can range from fostering international collaboration to fulfilling a short-term need for specific expertise. When it becomes desirable to make such appointments the following policy will apply:

  1. The Director will make all guest appointments.
  2. Guest appointments are usually proposed to the Director by a host Division or Section which assumes the responsibility to budget for the salary of the guest.
  3. All guest appointments will be approved by the Division or Section Head in whose organization the appointment is made prior to submitting the appointment request to the Director.
  4. Candidates for guest appointments will normally have a position at another institution to which they will return after the completion of their appointment at Fermilab. Only under exceptional circumstances will consideration be given to offering a guest appointment to a person that does not have such a position. The guest appointment is not to be used as a trial period of employment.