No. 36.000 Rev. 0

Facility Reuse Program


Effective Date 2/28/05



This policy covers all facilities at Fermilab



All Fermilab facilities and operations.



  • Every facility at Fermilab is assigned to a division/section head for an intended use. The division/section head is responsible for the success of the programs carried out in the facility under his/her direction and the maintenance and safety of the operations conducted therein as per FESHM Chapter 1030, B. and Director's Policy No. 5 (Maintenance).
  • If the mission or program of the Lab changes such that the intended function of the facility is no longer needed, the responsible division/section head shall notify the Fermilab Capital Asset Manager (CAM) (Associate Director for Operations Support). The responsible division/section head will continue to be responsible for the facility until it is reassigned or excessed. In either scenario, the DOE Facility Information Management System (FIMS) database shall be updated when a final determination is made on facility reuse. This will allow facility disposition to be tracked and recorded relative to future laboratory needs.
  • The CAM will be responsible for soliciting and evaluating proposals for reuse. Proposals for reuse must consider the facility status, adequacy of available utilities, contamination by hazardous material, and cost of bringing the facility up to current standards for proposed uses and must include a life-cycle cost benefit analysis for reuse If the responsible division/section head has a proposal for reuse of the facility, he/she will inform the CAM. The Fermilab CAM, with the assistance of the responsible division/section head, FESS, and the ES&H Section, will determine the general condition of the facility and assess the adequacy of the facility for the proposed reuses. The CAM will support the Director in evaluating proposals. The Director will make the final decision on reuse.
  • If the facility is reassigned to another division/section head, the CAM shall determine whether a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will be developed by and accepted by both division/section heads.
  • The level of detail and items covered, in the MOA will be negotiated between the division/section heads and will be commensurate with the complexity of the transfer. The MOA shall address, but not be limited to the following issues:
  • A list of facilities to be transferred.
    • A condition assessment survey (CAS) for each facility and identified maintenance/repair actions that must be completed prior to reuse.
    • A characterization of each facility that provides the new owner with an understanding of the nature, level, and probable extent of contamination. This shall include a hazardous and radiological material/waste inventory to be transferred.
    • An agreed-to schedule for completion of any prerequisite activities before the transfer and a transfer date.
    • The MOA must be approved by the CAM.
  • The CAM will maintain the record copy of the MOA. Copies will also be provided to FESS and the ES&H Section.

If the facility is not expected to be reused within a reasonable period (as determined by the CAM), the responsible division/section head will develop an Interim Maintenance and ES&H Plan or a D&D plan in the case of excessing a facility. In either case the plan must ensure that all expenses incurred over the interim period, prior to reuse or excessing actions, be within the allowable cost categories. This plan must be developed in consultation with FESS and the ES&H Section, approved by the CAM and a copy put in the D&D files in the ES&H Section.

Demolition activities of excess facilities, including personal property trailers, are subject to review & approval by DOE. HUD's 55Title V Property Survey, GSA Standard forms 118 and 118A & the Fermilab Environmental Evaluation Notification Form must be submitted to the Fermi Site Office. Once approval is granted, demolition may proceed. FESS must also be notified when such actions are initiated.

  • Building names at Fermilab are frequently derived from the functional use. When a facility reuse includes a functional usage change of such an asset, a building name change may be appropriate, even if the lanulord does not change. In the case of any building name change and after approval by the directorate, the lanulord must notify all Division and Section Heads of the name change. Specific notification shall also be provided to the Fire Department, Security, Communications Center, Office of Public Affairs, FESS, and ES&H Emergency Planning. The change will be effective no earlier than one month after such notification. In the case of joint use of a building by multiple Divisions or Sections, only one building name will be allowed per asset.
  • Note: Though trailers and port-a-camps are typically personal property, the CAM should be notified of any change since an inventory of this property is maintained in the DOE FIMS database for purpose of recording square footage and property location. In order to maintain FIMS database accuracy, FESS must be notified when a trailer or port-a-camp is purchased or moved. For excess actions, all disposal activities as discussed in this policy apply.