No. 9.000 Rev. 0

Experimenters/Users Identification


Effective Date 1/1/99



This policy addresses the badge requirements for all Users and Visitors.



This policy applies to all Users and Visitors



All users are to have valid Fermilab users' identification cards. The Laboratory issues such ID cards only to bona fide users, defined as visiting scientists, graduate students or technical support staff affiliated with institutions participating in Fermilab experiments. The spokesperson for the applicant's Fermilab experiment signs the ID application form. (A person who lacks appropriate institutional affiliation may obtain a Fermilab user's ID card at the specific request of the spokesperson for the applicant's experiment, or at the request of the Fermilab Directorate.) To obtain a Fermilab user's ID, the applicant must certify current medical insurance coverage. Fermilab users' IDs are normally issued for two years. However, if a user's insurance coverage or institutional affiliation lapses, Fermilab considers the user's ID no longer valid.