No. 41.000 Rev. 1

Fermilab Employee Assignments to non-US Institutions While Awaiting Visa Renewals


Effective Date 09/16/08



Fermilab will assign an employee to work at non-US Institutions while waiting for a US Visa under the following circumstances.



Applies to all Fermilab employees.



Non-US Fermilab employees who have to renew their US visas when outside the US on official travel cannot be sure beforehand how long this process will take. Many have requested that their Fermilab work assignment for a limited time period be to work at some institution near the US Consulate that is processing their visa.

Fermilab will assign an employee to work at a non-US institution while waiting for a US visa under the following circumstances.

  1. The employee is on official foreign travel.
  2. The institution agrees that the employee can work at the institution on the employee's Fermilab activity, and provides facilities such as a desk, computer link, and other necessary support to effectively accomplish the employee's assigned work.
  3. The employee's Division Head agrees that the employee can accomplish work valuable to Fermilab while away from the Lab.
Note that the Lab will not assign an employee to work outside the US if travel is for personal reasons

Policy and Conventions

  1. Such arrangements must be approved by the Chief Operating Officer (COO).
  2. Arrangements with collaborating institutions will be made by the COO or his/her designee.
  3. Such assignments/arrangements will be for 30 days with the possibility for extension in 30 day increments.
  4. The employee will be given a letter specifying the duration and location of assignment.
  5. Travel arrangements should not be finalized until COO approval and collaborating institution agreement have been obtained.
  6. D/S/C Head approval of a travel request will be considered by the COO as D/S/C concurrence for such assignment for up to 90 days. If needed, D/S/C re-approval of travel authorization/assignment will be sought quarterly should the needed visa not be approved/issued.
  7. Financial support for the duration of such assignments will be provided up to the normal travel policy.