No. 43.000 Rev. 0

Requests for Easements or License


Effective Date 1/27/2010



Policy on Processing  Requests for Easement or License at Fermilab for Public Purpose or Other



This policy applies to all Fermilab employees and users.



This policy is applicable to requests for Public Utilities, including Telecommunications and will be generally followed for any request from any entity, public or private for any easement or license for any purpose. Generally, implementation of this policy is through Fermilab, Facilities Engineering Services Section (FESS).  Informal discussions in advance of the formal request may likely take place between the requestor and various lab technical staff.  In order to assess the request for possible implementation FESS will gather pertinent information from appropriate Fermilab functional areas as necessary and make a recommendation with appropriate analysis to DOE through the COO as to whether to grant the request.

FESS, in developing its analysis and recommendation of the request will evaluate the following factors, Mission Impact, Structural Impact (if necessary), Aesthetics, Cost and any other factors necessary to appropriately evaluate the request.  Additionally, input from other affected Fermilab Offices such as Telecommunications or Environmental, Safety and Health for instance will be requested and Directorate concurrence at the COO level will be required to transmit to DOE. 

Mission impact: any impact on the mission of Fermilab as set out in the Statement of Work in DOE M&O Contract DE-AC02 – 07CH11359 including impact on the planned and or potential future scientific and/or project activities at Fermilab.
Structural Impact:  When a structure is to be erected as a result of the easement or license a structural integrity analysis of the site where construction is planned and must be performed and paid for by the requester
Aesthetics:  Given the Historical nature of the Fermilab site/ the Architecturally significant nature of Wilson Hall and the overall designation of Fermilab as a National Environmental Research park (NERP), the impact of any structure that would be a result of the requested easement or license would need to be included. 
Cost: an estimate of the Cost to install as well as operate and maintain and an agreement as to the eventual disposition of any property associated with the easement or license is necessary and this should include the cost of evaluating mission/ structural/ Aesthetics impact.
Other Factors as necessary:   FESS may need to include and evaluate other factors (soil conditions for instance) depending on the nature of the request.