No. 31.000 Rev. 0



Effective Date 1/1/99



This policy addresses the rights of demonstrators at the laboratory.



This policy applies to all employees of Fermilab, Users, Visitors, Fermilab contractors and their subcontractors.



We are obligated to protect the right of any citizen to express their opinion under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. However, The First Amendment right to freedom of speech is not absolute. When the expression of an opinion is coupled with an act or actions which disrupt the activities of the Laboratory, obstruct the legitimate activities of others or jeopardize the life/safety of others, it is no longer protected.

Off-Site Demonstrations

It is the policy of the Security Department to merely observe the conduct of demonstrators operating in close proximity to Fermilab. Security Officers will NOT engage demonstrators in conversation or argue points of view. In the event demonstrators obstruct the passage of persons onto or from Fermilab, the senior on- duty Fermilab Security Representative should be contacted. That person will make appropriate notifications to local law enforcement.

On-Site Demonstrations

Unless otherwise directed by Fermilab Management, Security Officers will merely observe the conduct of demonstrators. Security Officers will not engage demonstrators in conversation or argue points of view. Security Officers will immediately report the presence of demonstrators to the senior on-duty Fermilab Security Representative who will go to the scene and unobtrusively observe.

Should the demonstrators engage in conduct which negatively impacts the operation of the Lab or jeopardizes the life/safety of the demonstrators or others, the Fermilab Security Representative will ask for voluntary cessation of the action/conduct.

If necessary, the appropriate local law enforcement agency will be contacted and the demonstrators removed from the Federal property.

Off-normal occurrence notifications will be made in either event to the Chief of Security, Head, Emergency Management, the Directorate and, as directed, the Legal Department and Public Affairs Office.