No. 18.000 Rev. 1

Construction Modification


Effective Date 6/12/00



This policy addresses all construction activities at Fermilab and assigns oversight responsibility for construction.



This policy applies to all employees of Fermilab and Users.



A single line of management will be established for each construction project regardless of the number of phases involved and/or crossover of organization lines. Where different divisions/sections are responsible for individual phases of work, a memo of understanding will be generated by the organization holding the budget, clearly establishing line responsibilities and interfaces for project management and oversight including ES&H.

Unless the director delegates the responsibilities to another organization for a specific project, FESS shall have the responsibility for all construction activities. Professional architectural and engineering principles shall be applied to the planning, design and construction of facilities and other structures at Fermilab. Contractors and Subcontractors shall be monitored by FESS personnel, or others as delegated by the director, to assure compliance with all applicable Fermilab policies and procedures, including ES&H requirements. The ES&H Section will independently oversee the performance of construction contractors and provide support to the FESS Construction Task Managers. The Associate Director for Operations Support will review all proposed building construction and modifications for sustainability and compliance with building and safety codes. The director or his deputy will review all modifications for aesthetic considerations. Building modifications are defined as any modification which modifies any structural element of the building, adds or removes additional interior walls, or modifies any of the existing high voltage electrical, HVAC, fire protection, sanitary sewer, potable water, or industrial water services. Review of technical equipment modifications is not included in this definition unless it necessitates modifying one of the above. FESS's Engineering & Planning Group will review any proposed modifications and report to the Associate Director for Operations Support.