ANL-FNAL Collaboration
SCRF Materials R&D Meeting

  • Time: May 18 11:00 - 12:00
  • Location: Comitium at Fermilab (Wilson Hall 2nd floor)
  • Agenda
    • Proposed Regional Center of Excellence for SRF Materials R&D - Cooley (~5 slides)
    • White papers received or being solicited, ~2 slides each
      • ANL: scanning tunneling microscopy (possibly M Iavarone or J Zasadinski - IIT)
      • ANL: measurement of surface superconductivity (possibly U Welp)
      • ANL: atomic layer deposition and opportunity to break the Nb monopoly (possibly M Pellin)
      • ANL and UC: surface science (tbd)
      • UC: fundamental chemistry at and just beneath niobium oxide (possibly S Sibener)
    • Wrap-up: vision for a National Center of Excellence and beyond, leveraged from seed, LDRD, and base money; distinction of objectives of this program from basic R&D in support of ILC cavities, etc. (Cooley or tbd, ~2-3 slides)