Assurance Council Members

The Fermilab Chief Operating Officer (COO) shall be a member and shall serve as the Chairperson of the AC.  The Head of the Office of Quality and Best Practices (OQBP) shall also be a member and serve as the AC Secretary, and shall provide or arrange for administrative and, as necessary, technical support for the AC.  The COO may also appoint, with the approval of the Laboratory Director, additional members of the AC in order to provide a broad range of management and technical expertise.  Ex-officio members shall include the Director, Deputy Director, and the Head of Internal Audit. The General Counsel for the laboratory shall serve as an advisor.  

Core Membership

  1. Chair – COO
  2. Secretary – Head, OQBP
  3. Member – CFO, Fermilab
  4. Member – Associate Laboratory Director for Research
  5. Member – Associate Laboratory Director for Accelerators
  6. Member – CIO
  7. Member – Head, Business Services Section
  8. Member – Head, Workforce Development and Resource Section
  9. Member – Head, Facilities Engineering Services section
  10. Member – Head, ES&H
  11. Member – Head, Office of Program and Project Support
  12. Member - Head, Office of Communication


  1. Director, Fermilab
  2. Deputy Director, Fermilab
  3. Internal Audit


  1. General Counsel, Fermilab