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Fermilab Lecture Series presents:
Dr. Vic Baker,
University of Arizona
Friday, September 12, 2008 @ 8 p.m.- Tickets $5

Megafloods are the largest known freshwater floods, with flows comparable in scale to ocean currents, and capable inducing global changes in climate. Although there are no modern examples of megafloods, such flows occurred near the end of the last Ice Age on Earth, and even larger megafloods impacted very ancient surfaces on the planet Mars.

Dr. Victor R. Baker is Regents' Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources at The University of Arizona where he is also Professor of Geosciences, Professor of Planetary Sciences, and Professor in the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. His research projects have included paleoflood hydrologic studies in Texas, Utah, Arizona, northern Australia, Israel, Jordan, and India; volcanoes in Hawaii; channels, valleys, and geomorphic features on Mars; the geomorphology of Venus; river morphology in South America; and catastrophic Pleistocene floods in the northwestern U.S. and central Asia. Work is also conducted on the history/philosophy of Earth and planetary sciences, and on the interface of environmental science with public policy.

Dr. Baker has authored or co-authored more than 350 research papers and chapters. Additional publications include over 400 published abstracts of papers presented at professional meetings, plus numerous reports, reviews, and encyclopedia articles and 14 books.


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