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Fermilab Lecture Series presents:
Facing The Frontier: Fermilab 1967 - 2008
Adrienne Kolb,
Fermilab Archivist
Friday, November 14, 2008 @ 8 p.m.- Tickets $5

From buffalo to bottom quarks, Fermilab is connected with frontier exploration and discovery. Fermilab has stood at the frontier of physics for 40 years and is home to trail-blazing scientific breakthroughs, including the discoveries of the top and bottom quarks. This lecture reveals how and why Fermilab came to Illinois and discusses the founders of Fermilab: a maverick cowboy physicist and two Nobel Prize winners. Rooted in the Manhattan Project, the Lab's history spans the Cold War years as it became the most powerful high energy accelerator in the world. Exemplifying science in harmony with nature, the talk will highlight Fermilabís attention to art and architecture and consideration for the lived environment through green space, prairie restoration, and even a herd of buffalo, while showing the way to the frontiers of particle physics.

Kolbís new book, "Fermilab: Physics, the Frontier and Megascience," is the first history of Fermilab and illuminates the growth of the modern research laboratory and captures the drama of human exploration at the cutting-edge of science.


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