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Film Series ~ 2006 - 2007 Film Schedule

All shows are on Friday nights at 8 p.m. in Ramsey Auditorium, in Wilson Hall at Fermilab. Tickets are $5.00 for adults, $1.00 for children (under 12), and $2.00 for students with Fermilab ID and are sold only at the door. Please join us for refreshments and discussion after each film.
Film schedule also available in PDF (requires Adobe Reader).

Click on titles below for movie description.

Don Juan DeMarco
June 9, 2006

A Face in the Crowd
July 14, 2006

(The Unvanquished)
August 18, 2006

Das Schreckliche Mädchen
(The Nasty Girl)
September 15, 2006

Science Fiction Double Feature!
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Forbidden Planet
October 27, 2006

Le Dîner de cons
(The Dinner Game)
November 10, 2006

Mies vailla menneisyyttä
(The Man Without A Past)
December 8, 2006

Whisky Galore
(Tight Little Island)
January 12, 2007

February 9, 2007

Goodbye Lenin!
March 2, 2007

Waking Ned Devine
April 20, 2007

Grizzly Man
May 4, 2007

Film schedule also available in PDF
(requires Adobe Reader).

Mail comments to: filmweb@fnal.gov

GoodBye Lenin!


Directed by : Wolfgang Becker

Mar 2, 2007

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