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Fermilab Art Series presents:
Tomas Kubinek: Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible
January 26, 2013 @ 7 p.m.
Tickets - $22/$11 for ages 18 and under
$19.80 with purchase of 3-4 Adult tickets for Arts Series events, or a group of 10 or more adults.

On-line ticketing now available! Click here to purchase tickets or call our box office at 630/840.ARTS (2787). On-line ticketing for this event is available until noon on Friday, August 17.

Tomas KubiĀ­nek's internationally acclaimed solo performances play to packed theaters around the world. After a sold-out run on Broadway, The New York Times lauded his work as "Absolutely expert!"

"Hilarious and enormously talented!" trumpeted England's Time Out, after appearances at London's Royal Festival Hall.

A collision of theatre and music-hall, his exuberant one-man show is equal parts comic brilliance, virtuosic vaudeville and irresistible charm. "Physical Poet and Verbal Acrobat! Needless Risk-Takerā€¦Professor of Fantastically Useless Inventions...Arduous Advocate of The Commonplace Miracle. Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible..."

Billed as a Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible, the one and only Dr. Professor Tomas Kubinek is also a comic genius, a virtuoso vaudevillian, and all-around charmer who gives audiences an utterly joyous experience they'll remember for a lifetime. With appearances in over 30 countries and a professional career spanning 3 decades, Mr. Kubinek has won the hearts of thousands in theaters, opera houses, television specials, on Broadway and at international festivals of culture. Transcending categorization, his work leaves audiences clutching their sides with laughter, breathless and madly in love.

"Absolutely expert and consistently charming!" - The New York Times

"Hilarious and enormously talented." - Time Out Magazine, London

"One who is so charmingly understated and simultaneously joyfully self-effacing as Tomas Kubinek can conquer the world in leaps and bounds. His beautiful pieces of absurdity are played with such ease and gentle confidence that the audience sit transfixed, gleefully awaiting each new moment of mad brilliance." - Badische Zeitung, Germany

"Masterfully played comedy! That secret mixture of daring, talent, and utter foolishness!" - Santa Fe Reporter

"Equal parts old-time clowning and Monty Pythonesque silliness...the hottest ticket at the festival." - The Seattle Times

"An alien of extraordinary ability." - US Immigration and Naturalization Service

For more information, including video samples, please refer to kubinek.com.


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