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Fermilab Art Series presents:
In the Footsteps of Django
An evening of music in the style of Django Reinhart performed by Lulo Reinhart and Latin Swing Project; Les Doigts de L'homme; and Norig Gadji with Sebastian Giniaux

October 27, 2012 @ 8 p.m. - Tickets $29/$15 for ages 18 and under
$24.65 with purchase of 5 or more Adult tickets for Arts Series events
$26.10 with purchase of 3 or 4 Adult tickets for Arts Series events, or with a group of 10 or more for this performance.

Django Reinhardt left behind an indelible musical legacy, introducing and defining a passionate style of Gypsy Jazz guitar that was astonishing in the 1930's and is still revered and emulated today. Born to a Gypsy family in Belgium, Django's playing inspired his extended family in Germany and France, and successive generations of Reinhardts have reinforced his powerful musical vision and added their own ideas. The lure of Gypsy Jazz has spread throughout the world with adherents from the United States to Japan, but the living Gypsy culture and the emotional wellspring that gives Gypsy Jazz its unique appeal remains rooted in Europe.

In The Footsteps Of Django brings together the best of the new Gypsy Jazz masters of EuropeóLULO REINHARDT, a third generation German master, whose group the Latin Swing Project combines Gypsy Jazz with Latin rhythms. LES DOIGTS DE L'HOMME, France's leading contemporary Gypsy Jazz group, stunning musicians with a great sense of flair and humor on stage. And NORIG GADJI, a French singer with a Celtic name and Catalan roots, and a gift for bringing out the full range of feelings in Gypsy music, who will make her American debut accompanied by the gifted SEBASTIEN GINIAUX on guitar. Bio courtesy of herschelfreemanagency.com.

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