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Fermilab Art Series presents:
Barrage: High Strung
April 19 @ 8 p.m.
Tickets - $29 ($15 ages 18 and under)

“Barrage is too wow for words.” – Denver Post

You’ve seen their performances on PBS – now experience the amazing energy and breathtaking musical virtuosity of Barrage for yourself! Barrage performances offer up a diverse fusion of cultures, musical styles and incredible performance vitality. The music of Barrage continues to evolve – combining contemporary world music influences, layered vocal arrangements and pulsating modern beats and rhythms.

Since its creation in Calgary, Canada in 1996, Barrage has been featured many times at events worldwide and has played for many Presidents, Prime Ministers and Princes. Barrage has also had their television productions aired on several international TV networks including the PBS network in the USA, the BBC in the UK and CBC in Canada and has performed live shows in New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Norway, Monaco, the USA and the UK.

The cast of Barrage features six violinists/vocalists, one drummer, one bass player, and a guitarist. 2006 marks the end of Barrage’s first decade in which Barrage entertained millions of people around the globe. Their second decade will be launched with a series of new tours around the world. Barrage will complete over 200 performances in the USA, Europe, Asia and Canada.

“After an evening of performing jigs on rocket fuel, its no wonder that more than a few horsehairs snapped on their bows” – LA Daily News

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